RIIO-GD2 Business Plan

Below you will find our Business Plan as submitted to Ofgem on 9 December 2019. This was developed by listening and responding to our customers and stakeholders. 

We have also published the appendices which support our Business Plan. No information has been redacted from our Business Plan but in the interests of security, certain information has been redacted from our appendices. 

Other documents summarised within the published information, such as cost benefit analysis (CBAs) or engineering justification papers (EJPs), have not been published, but are available on request.

If you require any further information about our Business Plan or any supporting documentation referenced, please email GD2@sgn.co.uk.

Supporting appendices and documents

A strong, capable and listening network

Appendix 001 – GD1 Experience

Appendix 005a – Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

Appendix 022 – Enhanced Engagement

Appendix 023 – Customer and Vulnerability Plan

Appendix 024 – Stakeholder Engagement



Appendix 002 – Property

Appendix 002a – Gas Holder Strategy

Appendix 009 – Workforce Management

Appendix 011 – IT & Cyber resilience

Environmental and energy futures

Appendix 003 – Environmental Action Plan (EAP)

Appendix 006 – Energy Systems Transition

Appendix 007 – Whole Systems

Appendix 008 – Innovation

Appendix 011a – Digitalisation Strategy


Financing and efficiency

Appendix 004 – Financeability

Appendix 004i – Financeability – Alternative Cost of Capital Assumptions

Appendix 005 – Cost Efficiency

Appendix 010 – Procurement and Native Competition


Workloads and activities

Appendix 012 – Distribution integrity and Governors

Appendix 013 – Emergency Service

Appendix 014 – Repair Service

Appendix 015 – Work Management and Business Support

Appendix 016 – Asset Maintenance

Appendix 017 – Statutory Independent Undertakings (SIUs)

Appendix 018 – Capacity Management

Appendix 019 – Repex

Appendix 020 – Connections

Appendix 021 – Transmission Integrity and Compliance

Appendix 025 – Fleet

Appendix 026 – Electrical and Instrumentation



Below are our Business Plans for the period 2013 – 2021.

RIIO-GD1: 2011 Business Plan Scotland 

RIIO-GD1: 2011 Business Plan Southern

RIIO- GD1: Documents