Damaging a gas pipe

If your work damages a gas pipe, don't leave it, you must report it right away:

  • Call the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999 immediately
  • Don't attempt to make any repairs, handle the pipe or alter its position

Any damage to gas pipes (pictured below), including dents, scrapes, gouges or piercing must be reported.

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Damaged gas pipes

Damaged pipes with scrapes, dents and gouges

Damaging a gas pipe can result in:

  • A major fire or explosion which can cause death or serious injury
  • Disruption to gas supplies and claims for compensation
  • Claims for costs to repair the damage
  • HSE investigations and prosecution which can include heavy fines
  • Environmental issues

Here's a picture from a helicopter which shows the devastation left behind following a pipeline being damaged in north Texas. As you can see, damage to high pressure pipelines can be dangerous to people hundreds of metres away.

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Aftermath of a damaged pipeline

WATCH this video which shows the potential consequences of damage to a high pressure pipeline. 

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