UK Hydrogen Week 2023 - Eilidh Graham blog

17 Feb 2023
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H100 Project Marketing Manager Eilidh Graham talking to SGN CEO Mark Wild

Our Project Marketing Manager Eilidh Graham (right) discusses the H100 Fife project on site at Fife Energy Park with our CEO Mark Wild (left)

As part of the UK’s inaugural Hydrogen Week, we caught up with new recruit Eilidh Graham who is working on one of our projects playing a crucial role in decarbonising heat – H100 Fife.

Up to 300 homes in Levenmouth can choose to opt-in to H100 Fife to be supplied with hydrogen through a new distribution network in 2024. It will be the first 100% green hydrogen-to-homes zero carbon network anywhere in the world, demonstrating the potential for the entire UK gas network to deliver hydrogen gas.  

Eilidh joined SGN in August 2022 as the project's Marketing Manager and we asked her about her experience so far.

What did you do before joining SGN? 

Before joining the company, I worked in various roles within the food retail sector. Most recently, I worked as a Seasonal & Events Project Manager – this was enjoyable, but it was time for a new challenge. 

Prior to taking on the role at SGN, I knew very little about the options to decarbonise heat and transitioning to a net zero economy. However, after becoming a mother, I knew I wanted to help build a better world for my little boy: that’s why I started searching for opportunities in renewable energy that fitted my skillset. 

Why did you join SGN? 

I was immediately interested in the opportunity to be involved in developing a world-first project that could deliver a significant difference to the future. I think it’s amazing we could be able to live the same way we do now but powered by cleaner energy sources.

Since joining in August 2022, my understanding of how we heat our homes has improved dramatically. I barely knew how to work the heating system in my house beforehand! I’ve learned so much from our industry experts and understanding how hydrogen – particularly the green hydrogen being used for H100 Fife, can play a part in the country’s journey to net zero.

For example, here’s this fun fact nugget I’ve learned: In the years prior to the discovery of natural gas under the North Sea in 1967, hydrogen made up approximately 50% of the “towns gas” used in local networks before it was phased out and replaced with the natural gas we use now! 

What have you enjoyed about working on the H100 Fife project?

It’s been fantastic getting out and about in the community with our customers. It’s been a privilege to gain an insight into the history of the area and its status as an energy leader over the decades through its people. I’m inspired by the generation who brought us coal for heating are now adopting the next phase of energy. We’re working closely with local organisations and stakeholders to support this community – even hosting the Buckhaven Bonfire Night in November 2022!

I’ve also had the pleasure of working closely with my colleague El. We joined SGN on the same day and quickly built a great relationship. It’s rarely easy slotting into an ongoing project, but building on a base of core values, openness and making sure we laugh a lot, has helped brilliantly grow our network in the community together at events such as the Levenmouth Fayre and H100 Launch event. 

What’s it like working for SGN? 

The first six months have been a total whirlwind! But I’ve loved it! 

My two biggest highlights have been visiting our production and storage site at Fife Energy Park with our CEO Mark Wild to discuss our work we’ve been doing with our customers and the community, plus hosting Leader of the Scottish Labour Party Anas Sarwar at the OREC Turbine, where the green hydrogen used in the H100 Fife project will begin its journey. 

I’ve also been afforded several incredible opportunities to collaborate with other teams across SGN, such as the Stakeholder and Communications teams, as well as becoming an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion partner within my directorate to continue to develop my skills. 

It has been one of the most stretching six months of my career working to deliver this world-first hydrogen project, but I can sincerely say SGN and its people are special and welcoming, the support is real, and I would encourage anyone who gets the chance to come aboard.