Long Term Development Statement (LTDS)

Our long-term development statement (LTDS) is the product of a yearly cycle of data gathering, analysis and consultations with our stakeholders which allows us to understand how our business may develop over the next 10 years and to a lesser extent beyond.

This work informs our operational strategy as well as our investment and business decisions and in turn, allows our customers to identify and evaluate opportunities for entry and exit gas connections.

Each year we update our demand forecasts with learning from the previous year. This ensures we are in the best position to deliver a reliable gas supply for our customers whatever challenges the future may hold.


We want to ensure our LTDS remains a valuable decision-making tool for our stakeholders by tailoring the information we supply to meet our customers’ requirements. To do this we need your feedback, so we have introduced a short survey which we hope you will be able to spend a few minutes completing.


If you are unable complete our survey but would still like to have a voice in shaping our LTDS please contact the team with your thoughts at network.capacity@sgn.co.uk.