Michelle's story

In my time at SGN I’ve been fortunate to gain experience in a number of roles across several departments. I started off in the NRSWA Team (New Roads and Street Works Act) before becoming a Supervisor in the Data Capture Team on my return from maternity leave.  After around a year, I was keen to progress further and gain experience in an operational role. Despite having limited exposure in this area, to my delight, I was appointed Project Manager for Risers. At times, the role was challenging and I felt a bit out of my comfort zone but I relish a challenge and having achieved so much I was recently appointed Business Performance Manager for Risers.

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Michelle, Business Performance Manager

My days are typically never the same, however, my role involves managing people and projects and looking after the overall performance of the department. 

It’s hard to pinpoint a single favourite thing about my job. I work in a very supportive team and I am glad that I decided to move over to a more operational role as I feel I get more enjoyment and pride out the work I do.