Our values

We perform an essential 24/7 service for our communities by keeping everyone safe and warm.  But the world around us is changing, and we all need to act differently to make sure everyone has secure, affordable and clean energy.

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The energy revolution brings new and exciting opportunities, and we're helping to shape the future for millions of people as we work with the UK government and Britain’s other gas networks to build the world’s first zero carbon gas grid. 

Our vision is to give our customers the best clean energy experience.

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Image showing our purpose, vision and values. Our purpose: Serving our communities by keeping everyone safe and warm. Our Vision: To give customers the best clean energy experience. Our values: Safety, Respect, Reliability, Innovation, Openness


Whilst we are on this journey, we must continue to deliver excellent service every single day. Over time, the form of energy we deliver may change but how we operate safely and how we care for our people and customers will always remain the same. We can only do all of this by making sure we have a great team of people who truly share our values.

Our values have been defined by our people and guide how we work in our communities with customers, partners and stakeholders, and with each other. 

Our values


We look after each other and our customers


We make sure everyone feels like they belong


We aim to never let people down


We think differently and welcome change


We share our knowledge to help others